Dream Big Darling Cup of Jo Scholarship

Remote - Paso Robles, CA

Dream Big Darling is thrilled to announce the Cup of Jo Scholarship, an opportunity for members of our community who require financial assistance to pursue further education. This scholarship is a heartfelt tribute to Jo Kennedy, a cherished mentor and friend of Dr. Meredith Dillon (founding board member), who served as a pivotal role model and advocate for continuing education and mentorship. Jo's presence at the local coffee shop, spreading joy each morning, inspired us to name this scholarship a "Cup of Jo."

At Dream Big Darling, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education. That's why we are committed to awarding up to three $1000 scholarships annually to deserving individuals who aspire to expand their knowledge and opportunities through additional education.

The Cup of Jo Scholarship aims to honor Jo Kennedy's legacy by supporting and empowering women in the wine and spirits industry who are dedicated to their educational journey. We understand that financial barriers should never hinder one's pursuit of personal and professional growth.

If you are in need of financial assistance to pursue additional education, we encourage you to apply for the Cup of Jo Scholarship. Together, we can make dreams come true and carry forward Jo's spirit of spreading joy and supporting others through education and mentorship.

Dream Big Darling is honored to offer this scholarship and remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting individuals in their educational pursuits. Apply today and let us help you take a step forward on your educational journey.

Remember, with the Cup of Jo Scholarship, we aim to provide not only financial assistance but also a symbol of inspiration and joy.

Disclaimer:  Some limits may apply.  Only available to women in the wine and spirits industry who have participated in previous Dream Big Darling events.